Who is Emorie Jordon?

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Who is Emorie Jordon?

Emorie Jordon started with me...the mother of Jordon (my son) and Emorie (my daughter).  I know it sounds cliche' but they do inspire me daily to do more of what I love...because it's what I will be advising them to do later in life.  So, creating the Emorie Jordon boutique was my way of taking a bit of my own advice and simply "going for it". 

I have been in and around fashion for many years, primarily fashion design.  I've traveled to many places around the world and have made many sacrifices in order to practice my craft in many places.  But it wasn't until I settled down and had a family that I realized the complexity of committing to a fashionable lifestyle of not just as a woman, but as a mother and wife. 

I can't begin to explain the many roles I played when working for a fashion college for over 8 years...or my many roles when going back to school for my passion (fashion) dealing with various groups (mostly teens) with shared projects, not to mention my role among my various groups of friends...and then, of course, my various roles at home. All these roles required "me" to bring my authentic self to the table. Sometimes, my attempt at being authentic is simply expressing who I am and how I feel in the way that I dress.   It gets a bit more complicated than this at because I'm a Georgia native (conservative fashion)...living in California (not so conservative fashion), so weather & culture throws me a curve ball every now and then.

No matter what's thrown my way, my appreciation for beautiful things is consistently reflected in what I wear, the way I live, and how I show love and appreciation to those closest to me.  THIS was my inspiration for this boutique...to curate beautiful creations that will capture the beauty within each role that we play for the ones we love, and the ones they love, and the ones they love... infinity.


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