The Way We Wear...

The Way We Wear...

Every Wednesday, we provide tips and visual ideas on our Instagram feed on how to achieve chic looks such as Boho Chic, EthniChic, Western Chic, Southern Chic, Vintage Chic, and Southwestern chic.  

Here a brief background on each look an how it originated through history:

Ethinichic is a term we created to encompass styles that originate or have noticeable components of various cultures.  We carry EthniChic items that are beautiful, well made, and represent modern concepts, inclusive lifestyle and more importantly, comfort for every day wear.

Western Chic are pieces that remind of us traditional lifestyles originating in western, southern or southwestern states.  This lifestyle represents timeless.  

Bohemian Chic is a term that became popular in the early 2000's.  Although it has become a more appropriated term, the intent is to highlight a style or group that is different from the norm.  It's earliest influences were Romani people, some refer to as nomads from the early 8th & 9th centuries.  It became popular as recent as the early 1970's from the hippie culture and beautiful flower power movement. Buy the early 2000's, grunge fashion also created a mix of free-spirit style that expanded this fashion idea into something even more inclusive. Allowing celebrities such as Kate Moss and Mary Kate & Ashley Olson to introduce a funky twist to what we all had become to know wild and chic style be.

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