Ethical Fashion Myths: The Top 4 Misconceptions about Sustainable fashion

Ethical Fashion Myths: The Top 4 Misconceptions about Sustainable fashion

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 What comes to mind when you hear “sustainable fashion”? Aside from the betterment of social and environmental issues, many simply imagine mundane clothing and scarily high prices. Despite these common beliefs, ethical fashion has honestly never been more accessible, affordable, and creative than it is right now! 

 Follow along with me as I debunk the junk that’s stopping you from shopping both stylish and sustainable!

 1.) It’s Expensive 

 Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to shop both ethically and fashionably. In fact, the world of fast fashion is under such intense scrutiny with younger generations, we now have more sustainable fashion brands than ever before. While there certainly are sustainable high fashion brands, we’ve actually never had this many affordable options when it comes to ethical brands in fashion. 

 2.) It’s Not Stylish 

Whether you’re a flowy flower guru or an alternative trendsetter, there are, without a doubt, plenty of stylish and sustainable options for your wardrobe. The movement of sustainable fashion has come a long way in recent years. 

Nowadays, mainstream fashion is anything but conforming, and sustainable fashion is anything but taboo for this reason you’re sure to see the two meet in the middle; meaning fashionable and modern pieces with sustainable and conscious backgrounds. You get the best of both worlds!

3.) Limited Colors 

All too frequently, we correlate accountability and responsibility with boredom and lackluster options; I mean, who really wants to trade in wine for kombucha? 

 Unfortunately, most people carry this narrative when considering sustainable fashion as well-when the truth happens to be the opposite. What makes sustainable fashion so fun and inclusive is that you don’t have to choose between conscious consumerism and bold, beautiful clothing! While there are certainly sustainable brands that cherish neutrals and nudes, there are also plenty that offer breathtaking colors and patterns. 

4.) It’s Hard To Find

 Though we still have some ways to go in terms of ethical fashion, it’s undeniable that we as a society are taking the issue more seriously now than ever before. Where we once had a handful of companies fighting for the cause, we now have an army! Though it might take a little research, sustainable fashion brands are here and ready to spread their message and their fashionable expertise. 

For The Love of Sustainability 

Here at Emorie Jordon, we not only preach but value the vision of sustainable fashion. Aside from eliminating waste and bettering the planet, shopping ethically and practicing conscious consumerism is an amazing way to put power back into your hands ( and back into the environment )! When you choose to shop ethically you also choose to stand up for your planet, speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves, and make the world around you a better place, one fabulous fit at a time.