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Perahan Tunban: It is a traditional garment worn by both men and women and consists of a long tunic called a perahan and a pair of trousers called tunban.  ...
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Blousa: A traditional clothing worn by women in the Maghreb region, Algeria, it is a long flowing tunic, usually made of cotton or silk, with long sleeves and an open...
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American (Native)

Mukluks: made from animal hides, such as sealskin or caribou hide. The boots are designed to be warm, waterproof, and durable. They often have a thick sole made of animal...
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Guacho: It is a male costume named after the South American cowboys in Brazil which combines a pair of loose black trousers made of cotton matched with a white shirt...
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Taraz: a traditional men's and women's clothing worn in Armenia, typically made from wool or cotton and characterized by its long, flowing shape and decorative embroidery.   Ararat: traditional men's...
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Akubra Hat - an iconic Australian hat that has been worn by Australians since the 1800s. It is made from rabbit fur and is known for its durability and practicality...
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Steirerkrapfen: traditional Austrian hat worn by men and women.   Dirndl: a traditional Austrian dress worn by women, typically made from cotton or linen and characterized by its full skirt,...
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Chokha: a traditional men's coat worn in Azerbaijan and other Caucasus countries, typically made from wool or cotton and characterized by its high collar, buttoned front, and decorative embroidery.  ...
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Ghutra: a square or rectangular headscarf worn by men in Bahrain and other Gulf countries. It is typically made from a lightweight cotton or silk fabric, and is worn folded...
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Panjabi or Punjabi: A long tunic worn with loose-fitting trousers called "shalwar" and a scarf called "dupatta," typically made from cotton or silk and adorned with intricate designs, is considered...
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Kontusz: a type of Polish and Lithuanian szlachta's nobleman long outer garment worn in the 16th-18th centuries, it is characterized by its length, which reaches the ankle, and its wide...
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Vlaamse kledij: This traditional clothing worn by men from Flanders region, which includes a jacket, trousers, and a traditional cap called a "petje."   Vlaamse klederdracht: This is the traditional...
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Pollera: A colourful dress that is pleated in a Spanish peasant design. It is associated with urban mestizo and also women who are proud of their heritage.   Manta: It...
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Bombacha: Baggy pants which were originally worn by South American Cowboys (Guachos), usually made of cotton and are liked because of their comfort and how charming they look.   Baiana...
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Baju Kurung - the national dress of Bruneian women. A long tunic is worn over a long skirt to create this look. The tunic may be found in a broad...
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Martenitsi: small woven ornaments worn on the first of March to mark the beginning of spring. They are often in the form of two dolls - one white and one...
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The gho: A traditional dress worn by Bhutanese men, a knee-length robe tied at the waist by a cloth belt, made of hand-woven fabrics, usually made of natural fibers such...
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Hol - a traditional Cambodian blouse that is usually worn by women. It is made of silk or cotton and is adorned with intricate patterns and designs.   Chang Kben...
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Chamanto: It is a decorative sleeveless garment similar to the poncho in Brazil but woven in silk thread and wool and enhanced with a ribbon edging at its contours.  ...
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Pao: a garment often adorned with intricate embroidery and colorful designs. Ru: a type of top worn by women in China. It is typically made from silk or cotton, and...
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