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      Culturally Connected Collection

      Culturally Connected Collection

      Empowered Women, Empower Women

      We are committed to growing and powering our business through fair trade with artisans and women business owners both domestically and globally. When you purchase our culturally chic items, you're helping to keep artisans and women small business owners thriving!  

      We currently partner with women artisans from: Africa, Panama, Indonesia, Greece, India, Panama and Columbia.  These little handmade treasures sell pretty quickly at festivals.  However, due to the pandemic, we are working to provide amazing works and pieces to our customers through our website. 

      "In a time of uncertainty, one thing is always certain...women awaken the beautiful in all things." - Lahna


      Our Panamanian artisan sits inside of a small store and hand beads these amazing pieces out of both love and necessity.  "Watching visitors walk away with necklaces or bracelets that I've made brings me so much joy". - CH