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Getting Know The Maker

"Crystals have always held a special place in my heart since I was a young girl. I believe in their metaphysical properties and wanted to share my love for them through candles and intention tools. These same tools are ones that have helped me overcome tough times and manifest positivity and love in my life. EnJoie my intention tools and I hope they bring balance and harmony in your life like they did for me."

Question & Answer with Ashley Collazo

Emorie Jordon: Hi Ashley. Where do you draw inspiration from when crafting your beautiful candles? Ashley: My creativity comes from just being a designer. I love to beautify spaces and it carries over to candle making. I love interior design, so it translates well to my candles.
Emorie Jordon: What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a maker? Ashley: Candle making is relaxing to me. It’s my time to disconnect from the world and just enjoy what I do. My favorite part is decorating the candles. Each crystal is associated with healing properties that I truly believe in. I believe my candles serve as metaphysical healing tools.
Emorie Jordon: What’s something you think most people don’t know or appreciate about crystals or candle making Ashley: Most people do not know this, but candle making is a science. It requires precise calculations, troubleshooting and patience. Once all those areas are mastered, out comes beautiful candles for everyone to enjoy.
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