Who We Are

“Although our brand features the some of the dopest, tangible items from some of the most skilled women on the planet, the motivating purpose of our brand is to embrace our intangible needs as women, which are:

Spirit, Soul, Sisterhood.”

- Lahna

The Emorie Jordon brand is all about culture, community and connecting women globally. I am a fashion designer/illustrator, and have always been partial to 1970’s fashion. Primarily because it reminds me of how many strong women embraced their bodies and defined their own standards of beauty.  Similarly, I am just as inspired by women all around the world when I travel. We look for the women artisans because they have amazing stories, beautiful spirits, and tremendous honor in what they create. This is what inspired our brand.  

HANDMADE ACCESSORIES: Majority of our accessories are handmade, handcrafted or sourced by women or women business owners locally and abroad.

VINTAGE:  We partner with women in our communities to curate vintage clothing that they once adored and/or loved to share stories of.  We love connecting the past with the present and we are completely obsessed with the details, uniqueness, and quality of vintage clothing. 

NEW FASHION: We are now growing into a brand that urges women to travel often for their own life education. Hence why we use #studyabroad #culturallycurious. Therefore, we aim to offer the most versatile styles that women can wear when traveling, attending festivals, or simply grabbing brunch with the girls. 

Personally, this brand has given me a spirit of community with women I don’t even know. It is my belief that sisterhood is the oldest culture on earth and it is the most essential to the empowerment and progression of women. 

Safe Travels,