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Inspiration for "RETROFITTED FALL"

Hi Sisters!

I wanted to share some inspiration behind the campaign: 

Definition of Retrofit: to install (new or modified parts) in something previously manufactured or constructed. 

My thinking behind this name was simple: Create new stylish shapes, colors and prints inspired from the 1970's. Remix our dope vintage pieces from the 70's and 80's into an eclectic, afro-chic style.

If you think about it, for decades our mothers, aunts grandmothers and ancestors has built something from literally nothing.  There wasn't a such thing as fast fashion.  They took care of their clothing and didn't really dispose of anything, because they couldn't afford to. They passed it down to other family members and friends or up-cycled them into something original.  It created an appreciation of "nice" things. This same appreciation for quality and creativity is within me today. 

This campaign is about taking what we have been given and adding to it.  It's about simply remembering and honoring what/who has brought us this far.  This is not just a campaign, it's the evolution of a brand that will intentionally harness the energy of those who came before us in order to reconstruct something even more beautiful and compelling for generations to come.  

The struggle has never been just about clothing.

By the 1970's, African American men and women had made notable contributions in art, fashion, music, movies, television and even politics. They embraced their naturalness, history, and community. They fought for equality, women's rights, better education and resources for our communities, and against endless wars.  Sounds so familiar, right?  We are back fighting to keep these rights today.  Those who don't remember are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.  Let's not forget. 





  • Love your website I am looking for a 70s outfit such as hot pants with a dress or hot pants jumper or do you have any other suggestions

    by Wanda Montgomery
  • Great mix of fashion and history!

    by Char Moody
  • Enjoy reading your post. I’m inspired to take what I’ve been given and add to it.

    by jennifer
  • This was a cool article. Loved the pics and the vibe of paying homage to the past with the retro looks.


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