How Lisa Bonet became the Mother of Free Spirit Style

How Lisa Bonet became the Mother of Free Spirit Style

How Lisa Bonet became the Mother of Modern Free Spirit Style

Who comes to mind when we say Wander Woman or Hippie Chic? Nicole Richie? The Olsen Twins? Hmmm....Vanessa Hudgens? How about Zoe Kravitz? Well, we believe that Zoe’s mother (the ICONIC) Lisa Bonet is the Mother of Modern Wander-Woman style, especially afro-chic anyway, and may we be so bold as to tell you just how this came to be?

Lisa Bonet has earned this title for her eclectic, free vibe fashion because time after time, both on and off the red carpet, her extensive yet simple wardrobe of relaxed silhouettes, gauzy maxi dress, embroidered jackets, layered pendants, and other funky accessories steals the show.

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Lisa Bonet just oozes cool. From her days on ‘The Cosby Show’ as Denise Huxtable, for which she’s most known, the actress has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Making her a legend in African American culture. In 1984, Lisa rose to international stardom and stole the hearts of all faithful viewers of the sitcom across the world.

 On-screen she played the rebellious, “wild child” teenager that audiences far and wide couldn’t get enough of. So much so that she was invited to the spin-off series ‘A Different World’.  And can we just state for the record, that every outfit she dawned was so masterfully worn?!  That also makes us wonder...who was her stylist on those shows?  

While the character of Denise wasn’t based on Lisa, herself, the two definitely shared some similarities: free-spirited energy and vintage style, trendsetting wardrobes. 

 Lisa Bonet

​​The head-strong, yet lovable Ms. Huxtable taught us the power of accessorizing, layering, how to rock statement pieces and so much more. Dare we say she showed us that black bohemianism can exist unapologetically which was a big win and development in African American culture at that time.

When Lisa departed from the show in 1991 she transitioned from child star into a bona fide Actor by legally changing her name to Lilakoi Moon and stepping away from the Hollywood spotlight. She decided to devote her time and energy to the things most important to her which are her family, nature, activism, and specially selected movie roles.

 You could say that the character Denise Huxtable was dressed by the clothing department of the show for the 119 episodes it was aired. But even if we only count from 1991 when Lisa ventured into the world on her own terms until now, that’s still 30 years and Lisa Bonet remains an icon in the fashion scene for her dreamy, unmistakable black free-spirit/vintage style.

 Lisa Bonet's floor-sweeping hippie dresses, head-turning hats, and lovely locs have made her a badass since the '80s, not to mention the effortless way she ignores fashion's ever-changing trends to remain her true and most authentic self. That in itself is the moral of this style story.  Lisa has taught so many of us that style is much like living...we evolve within it and but never losing sight of what feels authentically us.   

 She has cemented her standing in the our hearts and spirits as a beacon to the culture.  Her light has been illuminating a signal to brown girls everywhere to be your own kind of bad-ass.  It's not always about beauty "of"...its more about the beauty "in"...self awareness, confidence, and good energy.  

 While it’s hard to duplicate such original style, we’ve picked up so much crucial style and life advice from Mrs. Lisa journey. As we continually work illuminate cultural empowerment and self awareness into stylish spaces and conversations, we hope that her story and light continues to nurture the growth of the authentic black girl and women of culture all over. 

 -Emorie Jordon


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